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Pozzetta will protect your valuable products from particles, ESD damage, outgassed components, and high costs

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Wafer Carriers For Thick Wafers.

Pozzetta has wide slot wafer carriers. Carriers with a larger than normal pocket flat to accomodate thicker wafers.

Avaliable for 200mm, 150mm and 125mm sizes.

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Custom Manufacturing

Our family of companies have the ability to build a solution for your specific needs. We offer complete manufacturing services for high tech industries. Our ISO 9001:2008 custom molding capabilities include:

  • R&D
  • Design
  • Materials consulting
  • Prototyping
  • Qualification
  • Custom injection molding
  • Custom machining
  • Assembly
  • Cleanroom operations
  • Quality control

We understand market trends, changes in technology and have the ability to achieve customer specific needs.

200mm 50 Wafer Capacity PFA Cassette

Our newest addition to our line of 200mm wafer products.

50 Wafer Capacity Low Profile

H-shaped end for equipment interface

E-shaped handle on end wall

Overall Size: 234mm (9.21in) x 203mm (8in) x 155mm (6.10in)

D1 Dimension – distance from the H-shaped end surface to the center line of the first pocket: 23.81mm (0.94in)

Pocket Spacing – The distance between pocket center lines: 3.175mm (0.125in)

Pocket Flat – The width of the pocket at its narrowest distance: 1.65mm (0.06in)

Made from PFA, (Perfluoroalkoxy) this high purity process wafer carrier material has high heat resistance and outstanding chemical resistance.

Custom Carriers

Pozzetta offers custom process carriers.

If you need custom designed PTFE wafer process carriers, Pozzetta has a small batch manufacturing solution for you.  Even if you only need one carrier to test a concept, Pozzetta will work with you to turn your unique carrier design into a working product.

300mm Wafer Carrier

Wafer Carrier for handling 300mm wafers.

The Wafer Carrier is made from PFA, a material with high heat resistance and outstanding chemical resistance.

300mm Wafer Carrier

Low profile design allows the greatest possible wafer exposure to increase cleaning and drying efficiency.
Enhanced stability for horizontal wafer handling.

Designed for centrifugal drying process by spin dryer.

Dedicated kinematic adapter allows cassette to be placed on a stage conforming to SEMI Std.

Capacity: 25

Overall size: 350mm×217mm×260mm